The Heroes of Hanover Heights
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The Heroes of Hanover Heights

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J. Rene’e Noble
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Life is filled with changes, opportunities to make decisions that could alter your life, possibly forever. Relationships will come and go. Some will prove helpful and some, not so much. Then there are those you learn to depend on, sometimes surprisingly.
In her book, The Heroes of Hanover Heights, author J. Renee Noble introduces several students preparing to graduate from Hanover Heights Middle School, only to discover the complexities of homelife could inspire or destroy them. Thirteen-year-old Season Adams has autism and struggles to navigate relationships with her overprotective, single dad and her best friend, Rocky Adelphio, who has been bullied throughout middle school. Although Season and Rocky are about to receive their diplomas, a few troubled teens plan to use graduation night to wreak havoc on their neighborhood. Season and her friends and family must face deadly circumstances as they learn to rely on each other and dare to trust old enemies.

The Heroes of Hanover Heights shows the harsh realities many adolescents face at home and how emotional pain and violence disrupt their lives. It is a tale of heartbreak and loss, betrayal, and the anguish of dark family secrets, while teaching valuable lessons in acceptance, forgiveness, and redemption.