Fencing with God
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Fencing with God

A Surgeon’S Duel for Existence
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Sidney Kaplan M.D. F.A.C.S
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For author Dr. Sidney Kaplan, there is no more honorable profession than the one he spent his career in, and to which he devoted his lifetime. In Fencing with God, he shares the story of his journey to become a physician and a surgeon and the maturation process he experienced throughout.
In this memoir, he narrates the obstacles faced on the way to becoming a thoracic surgeon, including an inordinate number of life-and-death traumatic cases in civilian practice that included all varieties of gunshot and stab wounds. Highlighting many cases, Kaplan offers insights into the operating room, from elective surgery to urgent to emergency, sharing what it was like in a race to save lives. He describes both the emotions and the experiences participating in life-threatening surgical procedures as both a surgeon and a patient.

Fencing with God tells the details of Kaplans career, faith, and personal life as well as offering a snapshot of history and medicine.