Once and Again
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Once and Again

Doors Are Made for Walking Through Not Just Once . . . but Once and Again
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SD Brewer
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We make plans. We dream dreams. We think we have understanding. We forget we are limited. We forget we are prone to sin. The simple truth is that we all have the potential to be slaves. Slaves of our past, our dreams, our flesh. Yet even in our wanderings all is not lost, for when the winds of adversity and our own wretchedness take us to our knees we can find power in surrender and repentance which will lead us straight back into His arms of grace. From there we can rise, restored and empowered to embrace life and whatever God allows to come through the doors of our heart.
It is the authors hope that Once and Again will help you understand a concept that is so difficult to grasp in our day to day lives. For when you arrive with the world before you and God doesnt allow you to step forward but instead asks you to stand still and bear it while He works wonders... it is hard. Resisting Him only makes it harder.

Sometimes we learn that lesson early, but sadly some of us are slow learners...