Psad Post Service Adjustment Disorder
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Psad Post Service Adjustment Disorder

A Different Perspective on Why a Veteran Falls Apart
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Daniel E. Valdez
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Many veterans come home from service excited and ready to conquer the world. They return to their families with a drive to move their lives forward. It feels good for a while. Everyone is happy to see them, and theyre proud of their service. Then something odd happens. Everything they thought would materialize doesnt quite take shape. They go from hero to zero.
In PSAD Post Service Adjustment Disorder, author and former Marine Daniel E. Valdez addresses and identifies specific adjustment issues all military personnel and their families experience upon release from active duty. He offers a basic, step-by-step map showing how an individual can serve their country, succeed in the military, and then have their life fall apart when they come home, a component of veteran transition often overlooked by professionals. He also identifies ways both veterans and civilians view each other that often leads to divide and miscommunication.

Formulated from more than fifteen years of collecting and recording various forms of testimonies, interviews, therapy, counseling, group discussions, rehabilitation, recovery, ministry work, and Faith-based retreats, Valdez gives meaning to the phenomenon of Post Service Adjustment Disorder and offers solutions. Insightful and practical, PSAD Post Service Adjustment Disorder is filled with sober wisdom regarding issues military veterans have upon reentering civilian life.