Making Time to Change the World
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Making Time to Change the World

A Student Handbook for Engaging in Service
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Kent Schietinger
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Two brothers share their inspiring story of how they were called to service in this handbook that encourages everyone to say yes to making a difference.
Kent Schietinger and Grant Schietinger had no idea where they would wind up when they began their journeyand they stumbled upon their service project to build a school in Uganda by chance. Some of the steps they took to raise money were obvious, but other things, like writing grant proposals, required lots of research.

In looking back at their efforts, they reveal how to:

appreciate the power you have to change the world

seek out vast opportunities to serve others

raise large amounts of money to support your cause

enjoy all that life has to offer while also helping others.

In addition to practical advice, they also share a resources chapter filled with project ideas, sample solicitation letters, grant applications, charities to consider, and more.

Their message is meant for people of all ages but particularly teens and those on the cusp of their teen years. Join them in Making Time to Change the World.