Natural Law
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Natural Law

A Novel
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Wren Richards
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Sun Wren Richards, divorced mother of two adult children, is seeking adventure. Knowing her life lacks goals and her restless soul needs new challenges, Sun travels from Texas to Costa Rica to live for six weeks in a friends rental house. But little does she know what awaits her in the tiny tropical country known for its mountains, beaches and jungle.
After she is greeted at the airport by Pablo Meza and his daughter, Mercedes, Sun settles into the mountain home located above the town of Heredia and begins exploring the country with Mercedes. When Sun decides to settle in Costa Rica permanently, she buys a house with help from Mercedes who serves as her agent. But it is not long before Sun realizes that all is not how it seems. As a chain of unanticipated events unfolds and reveals corruption, crime, and scams, Suns quest for answers leads her on a dangerous journey from Costa Rica across the Nicaraguan border and back to Texas where she hopes the truth awaits.

In this suspense-filled tale, a middle-aged American woman seeking adventure finds excitement of a different kind after she decides to set down roots in Costa Rica.