Three Moms and the Magical Manny
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Three Moms and the Magical Manny

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Alison Weaver
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Freshy Stephy is in second grade. She has a little sister named Rose and another sister they call Lil Nugget whos only two. The sisters live in one of the most exciting cities in the world: New York. Amazingly, they have three moms: Mama, Mommy, and Smom. They had two moms, who divorced, but Mommy remarried, and so they got Smom, short for stepmom.
Together the three sister, their friends, and their magical manny go on amazing adventures throughout the city until one day when they lose their magic and get stuck in the solar system. What will happen when the magic goes away? How will they ever get home? A story of courage and imagination, come celebrate families of all different varieties with Stephy and friends.