Finding and Loving Me
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Finding and Loving Me

Activity Journal for Self-Discovery
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Lynn Hastings
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If youve ever felt lost or had the uncomfortable feeling that you werent living up to your potential, then its time to do some serious soul searching.This activity journal will help you discover your true selfthe one that can get lost in everyday life. Filled with biblical teachings, thought-provoking questions, art projects, and exercises to spark your creativity, it will fill you with confidence and joy.
Even if you dont consider yourself to be a writer, artist, deep thinker or religious, youll find the spiritual insights in this journal refreshing. Activities include:
Create a frame around a favorite picture of yourself. You can draw, paint, or glue colorful paper. Write everything you love about yourself right now.
Write out a meaningful or favorite Bible passage. Explain what it means to you.
If one of your friends were telling another person (someone youve never met) about you, how would they describe you?
Whether youre completing this activity alone, with a group of friends, or as part of an artistic Bible study, youll discover things about yourself you never knew in Finding and Loving Me.