Brambleby Bear
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Brambleby Bear

A Chef in New York
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Joanne E. Marshall
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Brambleby Bear is a North Woods bear, famous for his sweet culinary creations. Every day, he wakes up early and goes out to his grandmothers woodstove and cooks the most delicious treats for his woodland friends. Pancakes, maple-nut fudge, and blackberry cake with whipped cream are some of the sweet gooey treats enjoyed by the animals and birds of the forest. But suddenly, a disaster strikes.
In the night, a violent thunderstorm rumbles through the forest. In the morning, Brambleby Bear comes outside to fire up his woodstove, only to discover it was destroyed in the storm. Whatever will he do now?

In order to solve his woodstove problem, Brambleby Bear travels to New York City and goes to the magnificent Waldorf Astoria Hotel. What can Brambleby Bear possibly do in New York that might help him to care for his forest friends?

Travel by train with Brambleby Bear to New York, meet his new friends, experience the sites and energy of New York city, and find out if Brambleby will be able to cook again in his forest home for his beloved friends.