No Mask, No Home!
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No Mask, No Home!

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The Sisters Spurlock
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When Rupert the raccoon is born, everyone knows hes different. Of all his brothers and sisters, hes the only one born without a mask. People call him a disgrace, and since he isnt like all the other raccoons, he leaves home in search of the miraculous Adcock the owl. Rumor has it Adcock can make wishes come true, but its not an easy journey.
Along the lonely way, Rupert meets Kale the chameleon. Kale has a big problem: he cant change color like hes supposed to. Later, they meet Nellie the nightingale, and she cant sing. Rupert invites them both to join on his adventure to Adcock. However, they soon discover Adcock is quite busy, and it might be impossible for them to have their dreams granted.

Will they ever find the wise owl? Will the three misfits find a way to fit in? Well, the truth is, Rupert comes to learn that being different isnt so bad after all. In fact, being different is what makes him special and important. In this whimsical retelling of The Wizard of Oz, find out why were all unique and how that uniqueness makes us amazing!