Mackensie Butterfly Lark in Central Park
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Mackensie Butterfly Lark in Central Park

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Deborah Ogden
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Have you ever seen something so incredibly beautiful its hard to believe, and suddenly, it disappears? You may look and look, but there is nothing to be found.
Cyndi Chowling and Tillie Tattle of Central Park News in New York are investigating such a disappearance in author and illustrator Deborah Ogdens Mackensie Butterfly Lark in Central Park. One day Mackensie comes into the park and sets up her hearts on a trunk. Then suddenly, they all disappear. Follow on-scene reporter Tillie Tattle as she interviews others in the park that day in her quest to discover what happened to Mackensie Butterfly Lark and her colorful hearts. What she and Cyndi Chowling learn after a long and sometimes exhausting search is extraordinary!

With its entertaining illustrations and text, Mackensie Butterfly Lark in Central Park is a fun story for young people whether reading it themselves or having it read to them.