My Daddy Is in Jail
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My Daddy Is in Jail

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Phyllis Martin Hopp
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How would you feel if your family life was turned upside down?How would you feel if someone you loved went to jail?Would you feel sad? Would you be embarrassed? Would you be angry?When a young girls father is sent to jail because he did something wrong, she and her family try to adjust to life without him. As the adults struggle with their own problems, she is left with emotions and questions for which she has no answer. Thankfully, in the midst of the turmoil, someone she trusts steps in to help her with a surprising story of her own.My Daddy Is in Jail reflects todays reality for many children. Mrs. Hopp seeks to give these children a safe place to voice their concerns, and to find healthy ways of dealing with the issues in their lives. Mrs. Hopp shows that all feelings are valid, and it is important to reach out to others. Life can be difficult, but it is possible to be happy despite the sad times in our lives.