That Teacher Uses Crutches!
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That Teacher Uses Crutches!

Teaching Children About Cerebral Palsy
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Lori-Ann Tessier
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Theres a new teacher at school, and everyone in Mrs. Maddens third-grade class is curious about her. She walks around on crutches all the time! The students have many questions.Because Mrs. Madden doesnt know all the answers, she invites the new teacher, Miss Simonds, into her classroom to talk to the students. Miss Simonds is glad to come to the class and answer their questionsthis way theyll know the truth and not have to guess or imagine what the reasons might be. She explains that she has cerebral palsy, telling the students what it is, what caused it, how she lives now, and how the crutches help her to do many things she couldnt do otherwise. The students even get the chance to try out her crutches! And at the end of the day, Miss Simonds feels like she has made new friends.
In this childrens book, using a down-to-earth and positive manner, a new teacher visits a third-grade classroom and explain why she uses crutches.