The Murder of Chris Kyle

An American Hero
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Robert F. Blevins
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Chad Littlefield riding in the passenger seat gets a text from Chris Kyle saying, "This dude is straight up nuts" "Watch my six." A police officer pulled up to the house. The officer told Taya, "Chris has been hurt. Have you seen Chris' truck?" Taya called her mother and told her something was wrong. American soldier and patriot Chris Kyle died unexpectedly on home soil at the top of his game with all the glory and medals one man could ever imagine. Suddenly, a wife was left without a husband and children without a father. The trial of his alleged killer, Eddie Ray Routh, was soon to begin when Robert Blevins felt a need to be present at the legal proceedings. Blevins had followed the tragic case from the beginning, but something in his gut told him he had to attend the trial. He traveled to Stephenville, Texas, and became witness to what would be a judicial process wrought with emotional upheaval and anger. He witnessed families experience the pain of losing a child as well as watching a child go to prison. Not immune to the emotions around him, Blevins, too, descended into despair at the loss of Chris Kyle. To Blevins, there are not enough men like Kyle-brave soldiers who fight for our freedom.