A Young Girl’s Fantasy
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A Young Girl’s Fantasy

Part Two
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Vanessa Carnegie
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Chrissie Brown is no stranger to challenges. Born and raised in San Francisco, her father was murdered at the hands of his best friends and her mother suffered a subsequent breakdown and addiction to drugs. Now finally back with her mother after years apart, Chrissie is a spoiled and beautiful seventeen-year-old who is gifted at manipulating people to get what she wants in life.
As high school graduation looms, Chrissie keeps herself busy by imagining herself escaping her older sister’s bossy clutches, fantasizing about being with her crush, and making it big in Hollywood. When her already stagnant love life suddenly turns sour, Chrissie answers the door when opportunity knocks and heads out on her own to start over. But as her façade of pretending to be someone she is not causes her life to take a turn for the worse, Chrissie is forced down a wayward and dark path where she must look within to find a way out.

In this urban tale, a teenager embarks on a shadowy coming-of-age journey that leads her away from a spoiled existence and into the unknown where she must battle to survive the unforeseen.