The Adventures of ‘Lil Bear and Blue Bird
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The Adventures of ‘Lil Bear and Blue Bird

A Children’S Book
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Karen Dewell
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A bear and her cub, Lil Bear live in a cave near a dark forest and a meandering stream. Every day, the mama bear teaches her furry bundle of joy how to survive in the world. While Lil Bear learns how to forage for nuts and seeds, wash himself, and climb a tree, he soon makes a friend, Blue Bird, who begins taking him on all sorts of fun adventures.After Blue Bird becomes an important part of their family, one day he and Lil Bear find a kite in the woods. They have so much fun flying it that they forget to pay attention to their surroundings. As darkness falls, the friends soon realize that they are lost and alone. Now they must rely on what they have learned from Mama Bear in order to endure a long night in the woods and hopefully return home in time for the change in seasons.
In this adventurous tale for children, a young bear and his feathered friend learn many valuable lessons about adventure, survival, and most importantly, love.