Meetings with Remarkable Wo/Men
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Meetings with Remarkable Wo/Men

On a Long Journey to Theatre
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Naum Panovski
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Many artists share the conviction that the theater is a collaborative, multicultural art that stands as a heartbeat of the community trying to find relevant answers to the fundamental questions of our existence.
Offering a variety of perspectives, Meetings with Remarkable Wo/Men focuses on the work of a handful of extraordinary theater artists and innovators. It gives priority not to interpretations of their work, but rather to their words and voice, to their views and ideas. In so doing, it addresses various issues, ranging from arts and politics to history, philosophy, culture, identity, and memory. In an immediate, simple, conversational way, it explores the development of the most influential models and movements in theater and performance in the last fifty years. Most importantly, it underlines the notion that it is the quest for our humanity and our human condition that matters the most in creating art.