Eternal Allies in the Epoch of Time
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Eternal Allies in the Epoch of Time

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Steve Meola
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Doug Lupo dreams of constructing a machine that would allow him to communicate with people living many years in the past. Working on his time viewer has long since become an obsession, consuming him in every possible way and alienating him from his family, his friends, and his one true love, Marie.
Time passes, and Doug gives up his project and grows old, living a lonely life, while Marie, he learns, is killed in a tragic accident. But he soon decides to restart his project in hopes of seeing Marie once moreand finds hes created much more than he bargained for. Even if it takes the rest of his life, he will piece together a plan that will allow him to prevent Maries death. But in order to succeed, he must enlist the cooperation of the only person he knows who can help make this possible. He must join forces with his younger self.

In this science fiction novel, a man seeking to undo the death of his lifelong love and correct his mistakes invents a machine that allows him to change the course of his lifes history.