Pj Bird
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Pj Bird

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Heather Paterno
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PJ is a bluebird who spends his days helping his family and friends, playing chase with his brother, Jack, and visiting neighbors. But one day when PJs curiosity leads him to a neighbors house, he soon learns that life is meant to be experienced beyond his parents nest. Still, he cannot help but think the future seems a little scary without his parents by his side.
Through the guidance of a wise chickadee, PJ soon realizes he already has the tools to live on his own. He can fly; he can forage for food; and he even has the skills to build a nest. The only thing he needs now is an ideal mate. But what he does not realize is that she may be right under his very own beak!

In this delightful childrens tale, a little bluebird sets out on a coming-of-age journey where he must prepare to leave his parents nest and begin his grown-up life, with help from a wise chickadee.

A portion of the books proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania.