The Tale of Nu
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The Tale of Nu

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Linh Giako
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Adventurous young pup Nu lives with his family and friends near the sea. He was the biggest puppy in his parents litterand a favorite among the townsfolkbut as he grows, he becomes more and more curious about far away places. Lucky for him, his parents have some advice, especially his father, Tosa Inu, who was once a dog on a fishing ship.
After some consideration, Nu makes a decision to travel to America, also known as The Land of Endless Doggy Biscuits. He had an excellent upbringing, filled with lessons on social etiquette andmost importantlyhow to always find food. Still, he knows this knowledge wont be enough to succeed on his long journey, so he talks to Big Husky, his grandfather.

With all the assistance he can findand some help from divine powers, tooNu sets off on his perilous journey, proving that a good education, good parents, and some luck are necessary ingredients for success in life. It just goes to show that the final outcome of any situation almost always depends on how well we prepare before hand.