My First Tennis Tournament
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My First Tennis Tournament

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Nick Rudman
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Today is the day! Nick wakes up for his very first tennis tournament. Its important that he remembers all his supplies, like his tennis shoes, racket, and balls. He also has to have a great breakfast because tennis takes a lot of energy. Then, he sets off with his parents to New York City and the home of the famous US Open.
Nick is nervous at first. Everything seems so big and bright, especially the court. He meets his opponent and is relieved to see that he is nervous too. The match begins, filled with exciting serves, returns, and scores. Through it all, Nick tries to have fun and not lose himself in the crazy competition, but he sure does want to win that trophy!

My First Tennis Tournament intends to teach young readers the rules of tennis while also showing how much fun this amazing sport can be. Theres even a glossary of important tennis terms in the back. So will Nick win his first tournament, or will he lose with grace? Either way, its important for kids to learn good sportsmanship and respect for the competition.