Tommy’s First Day of School
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Tommy’s First Day of School

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April Vasquez
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Tommy the sea turtle is so excited for his first day of school. He swims super fast all the way to Seaside Elementary, ready to learn and make friends. But instead of the warm reception he expected, Tommy meets Spike the sharkand Spike is not nice. In fact, Spike is a bully, and he likes picking on people smaller than him, especially Tommy.
Spikes mean behavior makes Tommy not want to go to school anymore. He doesnt want to talk to his mom about it, but he feels so sad inside. At lunch, Spike calls him bad names and makes fun of him. On the playground, its no better, and Tommy just wants to cry until one day, when something amazing happens.

Someone speaks up for little Tommy. Actually, a bunch of his fellow sea creatures speak up for him and tell Spike to leave him alone. Tommy has one friend and then another and another, and Spike doesnt bother him anymore. No longer alone or afraid, Tommy learns that life is tough, but with great friends and family, you can get through anything.