Principally Driven
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Principally Driven

A Provocative Account of a Full and Exciting Life
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Daryl L. Unnasch
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Some may believe it is not possible for a school principal to live a glamorous and exciting life, but Daryl L. Unnasch proves them wrong.
Far from being boring, straight laced, and narrow in his thinking, hes gone from growing up on a farm in Minnesota to earning a Ph.D., marrying a beautiful woman, having a family, getting his pilots license, and traveling to dozens of countries.

But before doing all that, he had to trudge through deep snow for five months of the year to get to school, which didnt stop him from continuing past eighth grade, when most kids quit.

In looking back at life in America over the past seventy-five years, he pays particular attention to its education system, sharing how important a teacher is in the life of a student. Being impartial, congenial, and willing to help make a lasting impression on students who are at a pivotal stage in their livesand its more important today than ever before.

Join the author as he examines the virtues of growing up in a rural community and celebrates the discoveries hes made in expanding his horizons in Principally Driven.