The Revery
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The Revery

Book 1
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Madison Ginter
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Life is anything but exciting for Bridget, a seventeen-year-old high school student who is less than thrilled to be living in the sleepy town of Redwood, North Carolina. Despite efforts from her best friend, Mackenzie, to seek out new adventures, Bridget is brain-dead bored. But little does she know that life can change fast, even when she thinks she is safe.
When Bridget meets Jordan, a cute new kid from West Virginia, he seems to already know more about her than he should. After he blurts a strange warning not to trust strangers, Bridget abruptly begins experiencing bizarre dreams, weird bruising on her body, unusual healing powers, and an undeniable attraction to him. Something is different about Jordan, but Bridget doesnt know if its good or bad. As her old life is turned upside down with surprising revelations, Bridget is propelled on a journey between two worlds where she must now decide who she can trust while grappling with her new destiny to protect humanity.

In this suspenseful action adventure, a teenager must embrace her special gifts and purpose as two species are joined together to fight for the greater good.