My Lighthouse
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My Lighthouse

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Liana Goncalves
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Behind her house and across the pond, one little girl has a lighthouse made of logs, ferns, and stones, with a sturdy ladder for getting in and out. And there, she builds a world within a world.
The lighthouse is where she keeps not toys, but recycled treasures that she can use to make art. In that space, she thinks, creates, builds, and writes, relying on her imagination and creativity to produce new and exciting art and to have fun. One day she decides to share her lighthouse with the world. She arranges it like a museum and then turns to her family for help. Soon people from all over the community would come and see the treasures she imagined into existence.

In this childrens story, a little girl uses recycled materials and her imagination to create art in a special place of her ownand then invites other people to visit her lighthouse.