She Taught Me
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She Taught Me

What Will She Teach You?
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MS. L. Bond
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She Taught Me is gut wrenching, powerfully raw, and brilliantly infused with rich insights for every woman whose identity, passion, and spirit have been compromised. Lylas journey will facilitate your own transformational process of embracing pain to discover the true essence of your freedom.
Teri Sica, LICSW

Psychotherapist, WATD-FM Radio Show Host

Based on true events, Lylas saga is provocative and revealing, captivating and demanding of empathy. A woman so twisted beyond her authentic self from violation and clandestine sex, she doesnt notice her soul slip away.

Self reproach leads her choices into a life trajectory of circumstances plagued by undeserving crisis, as witnessed in her daughters tragic disabling injury.

When her soul screams to return, only by embracing fortitude can she validate her pain and grasp the freedom that lay beyond. But the alchemy required to disrobe the cloak of shame shes enmeshed herself with thwarts her healing with its toxic visceral side effects.

So many mirrors reflect the self loathing and secrets still hidden in the shadows and her strangled silence longs to be given a voice.

Lyla seeks traditional and alternative methods to reinvent herself, eventually proving the indomitable courage of our spirit illuminates the path towards healing where one can create a future where potential becomes promise.

Lylas poignant journey resolves giving you inspiration as she shows us how trauma can be turned into treasure.