The Labyrinth
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The Labyrinth

A Journey to True Happiness
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Elizabeth Aimé
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The Labyrinth: A Journey to True Happiness embraces several personal questions. Who are you? What have you been put on earth to do as you live the lifethe giftgiven you? In a collection of short stories, Elizabeth Aim gives clues to assist you in discerning your own vocationyour calling. Without resorting to preaching, boasting, or complaining, the stories show how ones calling can and does change over the years. Youll laugh and cry as you share the hills and valleys and the twists and turns that comprise the labyrinth through which one journeys to true happiness.
Along the way marked out by the stories in The Labyrinth, youll come to see that every human life is precious, and every person has a distinctive part to play in Gods creation. In finding our way, it helps to see where weve been. The memories we hold in our hearts serve as clues becauseif we are wisewe put aside what turns out to be insignificant and keep only what is vital to who we are and what we believe.

This collection of short stories follows the path of one individual who wondered, made choices, and learned how to discern a vocation for living well while journeying to true happiness.