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Benito Camarillo
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Thirty-year-old Linda Masters is shocked to her core when she first begins hearing haunting voices in her head. As a beautiful, devout Catholic virgin she is used to receiving admiring glances. She begins to panic when the voices accuse her of deviant acts with men. As she attempts to learn the source of the nasty voices, Linda has no idea she has just been given the challenge of a lifetime.
After the voices become progressively worse, Linda visits a psychiatrist who diagnoses her with paranoid schizophrenia and prescribes medicine with unwelcome side effects. Still determined to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse, Linda enlists in the Army where she attempts to lead a normal life until her condition is discovered and she is discharged. After a failed marriage she returns home. Her voices get worse. One day Her concerned father finds disturbing notes penned by her and commits her to a mental health facility. As she undergoes treatment by a remarkable, caring psychiatrist, Linda learns to control the voices. But will she ever be able to find a soul mate who will love her despite her past trauma and the challenges that lie ahead?

In this poignant tale based on a true story, a young woman diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia must find a way to survive and love while the voices in her head battle for control.