Saving Your Retirement
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Saving Your Retirement

Will I Have Enough?
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Douglas L. Dombey
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Saving Your RetirementWill I Have Enough? demystifies the forces and trends that may seem overwhelming to an individual trying to make sustainable plans for retirement. Douglas L. Dombey taps his expertise in working with individuals to accumulate, conserve, and distribute wealth, and couples it with straightforward explanations and analysis to provide a comprehensive and comprehensible treatment of such topics as taxes, portfolio turnover, markets, non-correlated assets, and insurance.
BrilliantAn innovative way to safeguard retirement assets and income during years with negative returns.

Janet M. Furst, CPA, ChFC, MBA, Furst & Associates, PC

Mr. Dombey simply does the math to shine a light on one of the most potentially deadly assassins of your retirement planthe sequence of returns. In this most recent publication, Doug not only illuminates the problem but provides a creative yet simple solution that everyone can employ.

Skip Raymond, Business Exit Coach

A clear and simple explanation of the effect taxes and fees have on accumulating retirement assets and what you can do about it.

John K. Kelly, Managing Director, Integrated Financial Group, Inc.

Read this book if youre looking to understand how to grow your wealth with minimal risk over the long term.

Evan Ohs, CLU, ChFC, Regional Vice President, Pacific Life Insurance