Power to the Second
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Power to the Second

(A Thriller)
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W. Joseph Puza
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Myles Blaine is a man of action, a man of love, and a man of the lawwith a secret. Jillian was Blaines partner on the job until she took a bullet in the line of duty. No longer work associates, and drunk at a party, they sleep together, never expecting a baby would be the result. Then, young Marissa enters the picture, but Blaines identity as her father is never revealed.
In his own way, he cares for the little girl, since he has retained a close relationship with her mother. Now, the lives of all the people Blaine loves are in danger as an evil force draws him into an alternate quantum field. This evil intent is as strong as Blaines dedication to honor and righteousness, and horribly, the creature hungers for the life force of young Marissa.

Blaine must find a way to return to his own reality before Jillian and his daughter are taken. He must use every ounce of energy he has to save them. Will he be able to make it back in time, or will he remain damned on another quantum field, forced to live with the fact that he failed them? In this case, love might be strong enough to help Blaine play the hero.