Here Comes the Bride
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Here Comes the Bride

A Harrowing Norwegian Honeymoon
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Ken Olson
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Love finds a way. Its an old clich. The thing about clichs, though, is that they are based in truth. Here Comes the Bride: A Harrowing Norwegian Honeymoon, by author Ken Olson, is the story of how far one couple would go to make a life together in the United States. After Ingrid and Viktor marry in Norway, there was no way they were going to wait another year before returning to Viktors home in Minnesota. If it works, it would be a brilliant, low-cost scheme. But if it doesnt, things will never be the same.
Here Comes the Bride: A Harrowing Norwegian Honeymoon is the story of the power of love and the desire to be together. Luckily for most, its not necessary to go to such extreme efforts.