Casey Calhoun
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Casey Calhoun

A Novel
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Joseph Sollish
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Casey Calhoun has always used her sexual prowess to acquire power within the corporate world. Now as president, CEO, and chair of the board of directors of a multi-million dollar corporation, Casey is seemingly on top of the worlduntil she becomes pregnant with attorney, Paul Ellsworths, baby. Together they decide to travel to Switzerland where Casey eventually gives birth and relinquishes baby Clara for adoption. Driven by their careers, Casey and Paul separately move on with their lives.
Eighteen years later, Clara Bleckstein unexpectedly re-enters Caseys life without any idea she is her birth mother. As Casey finds herself intertwined in a blackmail scheme that turns her world upside down, Paul returns to help extract her from the worst case scenario. Meanwhile when Clara discovers Casey is her birth mother, she rejects her and eventually has a child with a famous movie director. But when a series of tragedies overwhelm Claras life, now only time will tell if she and Casey will ever be able to create the loving family they both so desperately need.

In this international tale of intrigue, love, and family, fate leads a female executive and the daughter she gave up for adoption to reunite as one man does his best to protect them all from an uncertain destiny.