The Adventures of Otis Pendleton
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The Adventures of Otis Pendleton

The Hunt for Autumn
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Kerry Kellogg
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Otis Pendleton is a kindly, old grandfather rabbit who enjoys the peace and quiet of his cozy burrow. Hes looking forward to a relaxing evening reading with his grandkits, but a summer storm changes his plan. First, he smells the rain. Next, his dog friends report back that the river is rising. It looks like it is time for Otis and all his animal buddies to move to higher ground!
The groupa mismatch of best pals from cats and a dormouse to dogs and a ferretbegin their journey to the big rock, where theyll be safe. But the trip is anything but easy. Not only are they forced to wander through the storm, but they also must dodge falling tree limbs and cross dangerous human streets. In all the fuss, one of Otiss grandkits wanders off.

Even though aging Otis is injured, he sneaks away to save his beloved lost rabbit and embarks on a treacherous journey. What damage has the storm brought to their little forest, and how will he ever find his precious missing grandkit? Luckily, with the help of his friends, Otis learns that even an old, country rabbit can persevere with a little grit and determination.