Peter Pumpkin Goes to School
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Peter Pumpkin Goes to School

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Peter Nanra
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Peter Pumpkin is now five-years-old, and that means hes off to school.
A whole bunch of his pumpkin friends are joining him, and together, they study English, math, history, computers, and cell phones. It takes all the energy and determination they have to master the material.

Peter and his friends also get the chance to engage in physical activity, including dangerous rolls down a hill. But the most important lesson they learn is how to protect themselves from other species that would like nothing more than to turn them into tasty pumpkin pie.

They must also be weary of Wanda Witch, who is always plotting ways of getting rid of the pumpkins. If she had her way, she would get rid of all the ghouls, not just the pumpkins. The pumpkins realize she must be stopped.

Join Peter and the rest of the pumpkins as they begin an educational journey that will last a lifetime.