The Adventures of Cami and Chead!
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The Adventures of Cami and Chead!

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Mario Tenaglia
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Two unlikely friendsCami the chameleon and Chead the cheetahmeet other exotic animals and travel to faraway places in seven-year-old Mario Tenaglias book for children.
First, they go to the jungles of South America, where they meet a boa constrictor. They swing on trees, go through fields, and play games like hide and seek and tag. They also meet a tiger, a spider monkey, and other animals.

Next, they board an airplane for Alaska and meet an arctic wolf who introduces them to a walrus, a snowshoe hare, an eagle, a moose, a river otter, and a seal. They see avalanches, glaciers, and volcanoes.

They also go to Rome, where they visit St. Peters Cathedral and see where the pope lives. They meet more new animals: a dog, a sheep, and a horse.

But when they arrive in Jamaica, something terrible happens: Cami gets caught by animal control. Can all his animal friends help rescue Cami and reunite him with Chead? Enjoy learning about many of the worlds most exciting places in The Adventures of Cami and Chead.