Ralph the Magical Elf
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Ralph the Magical Elf

Not a Christmas Story
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Brian Harold
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Joe is a little boy who is having a bad day. He has just struck out twice while playing baseballand to make matters worse, he stubbed his toe. Feeling down, Joe decides to quit trying.Thats when Ralph the elf shows up. He must stick with Joe until his job is complete. Although the boy wants him to go away, he just cantnot until he has persuaded Joe to give baseball another shot and to believe in himself. Joe tries to run away, thinking he can ditch Ralph, but thanks to Ralphs magic, it isnt that simple. Finally, the elf convinces the boy he should not give up so easily, and they head back to the baseball field to try again. Will Joe succeed and overcome his fears?
In this childrens story, a magical elf named Ralph teaches an unhappy little boy to try again, even when hes afraid of failing.