Eggplant Man
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Eggplant Man

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Margo De Leaver
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LeRoy Vaughn is a jazz musician out of New Orleans. Catching gigs here and there, he endures a nomadic life, going where his banjo takes him. He lives for his music and plays banjo for the salvation of his soul. His dream is to play in the famed jazz clubs in Harlem. However the journey from the rural south to the cosmopolitan life in New York proves to be an arduous quest.
Ruby is a typical southern girl, living in the small maritime town of Metairie, Louisiana. Her Creole mother informed Ruby early on that she was neither lucky nor blessed. When Ruby is thirteen, her alcoholic father abandons the family, leaving Ruby, her mother, and her little brother to fend for themselves. Following a tragic family twist, her father returns home and forces 17 year old Ruby into an arranged marriage. An unexpected turn of events leaves Ruby infamous in her hometown and causes her to flee to her only living relative located in Harlem, New York.

After 20 years of street life, Leroy and Ruby serendipitously meet. Opportunity beckons to them to perhaps begin a new journey. The choice hangs auspiciously in the air. Do they take the risk or let a chance for love float past them, as insidiously as it had approached?