Oscar’S Renegades
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Oscar’S Renegades

Lurking in the Dark—Sonoran Danger
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Carol Meadows
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What do the master illusionist Harry Houdini and a twelve-pound talking dog named Champ have in common? Theyre both great escape artists. Their similarities become clear as Champ escapes the backyard time and time again, and he convinces Oscar to seek fun and adventure.
Oscar, a tormented Dachshund, is friends with the jaw-dropping, bigger-than-life Champ. Oscar is torn between his need for adventure and his inescapable fears as they venture into the Sonoran Desert. Oscar hopes the power of friendship and the threat of loneliness will help him to become more outgoing and brave.

Champ, Oscar, and Toby the sheep dog experience escapades of almost daredevil proportions as they thirst for new challenges and gain courage each time they venture into the desert. They discover the hard way that its not always a friendly place as they face a life-changing tragedy.