Kangaroo Jane
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Kangaroo Jane

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Staci J. Allen
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Kangaroo Jane is content to spend her days filling her pouch with fun items shes collected like lamps and shoes, a pillow, and a brush. She begins to realize that even though her pouch is full, her heart is not. She notices other kangaroos and wonders if shell ever find just the right thing to fill her pouch and fill her heart.
Kangaroo Jane just has to see what others do and if they save stuff. She ventures around the zoo admiring the animals and their relationships with their friends and mates. Her wise friend bird finally offers the sad kangaroo some sage advice.

A rhyming picture book for children, Kangaroo Jane tells the story of one kangaroo who discovers what truly fills her heart and her pouch is something far greater than the items she collects.