Shadow of Tunguska
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Shadow of Tunguska

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H. C. Beckerr
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Shadow of Tunguska: Hill of Great Darkness Book II presents the final chapters of a saga that weaves together the tale of the surviving crew members of the space craft Magellan as they wake up in a top-secret lunar base station. On Earth, tensions mount as the nations masses face a worldwide economic takeover. Meanwhile, a small contingent of American explorers braving the Siberian wilderness make a startling discovery at the site of the 1908 impact of an errant black hole.
H. C. Beckerr has crafted this conclusion to an epic sci-fi thriller that spans two millennia and two galaxies. He artfully draws together an ensemble of intriguing characters, a panorama of places, and a confluence of events and forces that will collide with energies like those unleashed when the famous 1908 Tunguska Event leveled the Siberian landscape upon detonation.

Shadow of Tunguska: Hill of Great Darkness has the power to enthrall, thrill and chill its readers. If you are curious about the intersections of the lives of people of faith with the mysteries of the universe, then Shadow of Tunguska will tell you a tale worthy of your attention!