The Misadventures of Miss Snoots
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The Misadventures of Miss Snoots

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Brenda W. Atkinson
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In quiet Sun Valley, Idaho, a new arrival threatens to disrupt the peace and harmony at home. Straight from chic New York City, the stylish Miss Snoots, a well-dressed bear, joins the lively pack of animals at Brendas housea gift from Brendas aunt.
Suddenly, things are not so simple. Miss Snoots is a prim and proper bear, and she has trouble fitting in. Her actions upset Jason Bear, R.Abbit, Bunny Marie, and the rest of the gang. But Scamp, a charming, handsome jaguar, believes time will help sort things out. After a disagreement, Miss Snoots packs her bags and leaves the group determined to find her misplaced family. She travels far and wide on some hilarious adventuresand the haughty bear soon learns about the true meaning of friendship and family. Will she ever change her snooty ways?

FOUR STARS, The story teaches children to appreciate what they have and to treat others as they would like to be treated.

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