Oscar’s Snippets
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Oscar’s Snippets

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Joy Buckley
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Oscar is a cat with a very long name. When he is not seeking out new adventures, he enjoys his job as manager of a home. He is always working, making sure everything is in its place, that mealtime occurs at the same time every day, and begs for hugs on a regular basis.

Oscar, who is the paragon of patience and persistence, waits like a statue while the prodigious procurer of tuna opens a can. But Oscar does not just like tuna: he also has a hunger for shower curtains, grocery bags, tissues, and toilet paper. His owner is convinced that her sensitive cat who loves piggyback rides more than anything in the world is special and unique. But then again, aren’t all felines?

Oscar’s Snippets is a collection of poetry and writings that charmingly reveal a glimpse into a lovable cat’s life as he searches for adventures and provides unconditional love.