The Sidelines of Time
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The Sidelines of Time

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Peter Siviglia
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Peter Siviglia is a successful lawyer, possibly leaving readers wondering how he could be good at writing poetry. Well, during a career spanning more than half a century, he became an expert at observation, and through his observations of people and every-day life, he has produced a collection that sees through the veil of things we hide, penetrating the heart of humanity itself.
The Sidelines of Time has three parts: Poetry, Recipes from the Top of the Food Chain, and Poetic Justice. Part I touches upon those questions that haunt each of us. Siviglia has the unique ability, without fear or pretense, to say a great deal using few words, stunning imagery, sound, and engaging observations.

Part II comprises learning gleaned during that career of more than fifty years. Artfully honed aphorisms, hailed by James Geary, a best-selling author on the subject, teach what is most important in life and in work.

In Part III, the author becomes a player in a rough, darkly humorous exchange with a banker, jousting in the midst of a failed construction project.

What does this lawyer have to offer us? Plenty.