Mrs. Ackley’S Birds
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Mrs. Ackley’S Birds

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Paige Parker Byard
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Mrs. Bernie Ackley loves all the birds who come to visit her yard. She makes tasty bird cakes for them to eat, and they always gather in the birdbath in the afternoon.
Now Mrs. Ackley wants to sell her house, the place she has lived for forty years. But before she can do so, shell need to clean up the outside of the house. How will she ever manage to do it? Downy the woodpecker sees a magazine clipping Mrs. Ackley has left outside, and right then he decides that he and the other birds should pay her back for all of her kindness. Theyll work together and fix up her yard! With the help of a few other creatures, like Moley the Mole and LaRue the poodle, they can take the messy yard and turn it into something really beautiful.

In this childrens story, a group of birds living in an elderly ladys backyard decide to help her out by cleaning it up.