Create Brand Attraction
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Create Brand Attraction

A New Strategy That Uses the Laws of Human Attraction to Decode Marketing in a Digital and Social Media Age
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Michael Kotick
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LIVING IN A MEDIA LANDSCAPE FILLED WITH NEW DEVELOPMENTS and rapidly evolving consumers, marketers have struggled to make sense of it all.Michael Kotick, a longtime senior marketing executive, helps you navigate the treacherous terrain in this essential guide for anyone concerned about building goodwill, boosting a brand, and making sales. Instead of overcomplicating modern marketing strategy with jargon, he explains how to use an intuitive, attraction-based framework to understand what successful marketers are doing, how theyre doing it, and where theyre headed next.
He explores topics like pickup lines and why nice guys finish last, primarily using the psychology of attraction to uncover what people really want from brands today. He also shares case studies from some of the worlds best brands, including Chrysler, Burberry, and Sharpie. Go beyond Instagram envy, engagement rates, and the list of rules that marketers have created for themselves to get to the crux of the matter: being interesting and likable to Create Brand Attraction.
This is not your average business book. Kotick begins by reminding us that marketers are people too, and our job is straightforward: We need to help people like our brands. From that insight, he lays out a refreshingly simple way to approach just about any new platform or marketing strategy challenge.Jason Burby, POSSIBLE, President, Americas
In a refreshingly honest account of his own personal experience, Kotick succeeds at offering a how to framework without resorting to the same-old, same-old of other, far less readable, business books.Thomas Gensemer, Burson Marsteller, Chief Strategy Officer