The Little Red Sock Monster
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The Little Red Sock Monster

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Billie Davenport
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One day you decide to help your mom by taking the clothes out of the dryer. Now, wheres that other sock? Your dad sets his keys on the counter, but when he goes back to get them okay, where did they go? Does this happen in your house?
Finally, the secret behind vanishing things has been solved! Author Billie Davenport solves this age-old mystery in her book, The Little Red Sock Monster. Through this story and the colorful and silly illustrations by Vineta Naseniece, you will come to a greater understanding as to why some of your most useful possessionsespecially socks, spoons, and keyshave gone missing.

The Little Red Sock Monster answers this seemingly unsolvable mystery. But it does more than that. A percentage of the profits from the sale of this book will be donated to charity.