The Democratic State of Environment  Intimate Minds
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The Democratic State of Environment Intimate Minds

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Ramzi F. Saab
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Todays news is filled with many horrible stories of people harming other people, or animals, or the land. Humans wreak a lot of pain and destruction on others. Author Ramzi F. Saab, believes its time for a change. In the Democratic State of Environment Intimate Minds, he offers a clear plan for reorganizing the world in a way to bring the most fulfillment to the most people.
Alternating between descriptions of elements of a manifesto/utopian plan and a speculative-fiction story, Saab calls for a soft revolution that will improve everyones life, presenting answers or solutions for most of humanitys problems in the areas of politics, economy, housing, justice, ethics, and happiness. The unique premise invites the bad guys to change the world without losing any of their benefits while the good guys need only to vote one time to start the Democratic State of Environment.

The suggested solutions presented in the Democratic State of Environment Intimate Minds were developed using the root-cause approach reflecting Saabs way of life and his respect for nature and human life.