The Healing House
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The Healing House

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Karen Bradshaw Grathoff
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When Charles and Harriet build a beautiful little home in the middle of a cornfield, they have no idea of their houses power to heal all those who live there. After the couple ages and eventually moves away, many people come and go from their beloved home surrounded by apple trees. One day years later when a young woman hears about the special house at the end of a rocky road, she is drawn to live there.
Renee is a sad young woman who just wants to feel peace again. After she moves into the Healing House, all those who love her begin to pray for her as the home listens to her secrets and provides her a place to rebuild her life. As Renee works in her garden, bakes apple pies for those who need a smile, and witnesses the wonderful mysteries of God, she ultimately learns that there is a season and time for every purpose under heaven.

In this tale for all ages, a young woman moves into a special house where she finds healing, gratitude, and a new beginning, thanks to the grace of God.