Does He Hear?
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Does He Hear?

2Nd Edition: Are You Ready? the Discipleship Challenge
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Martha A. Harper
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Where do you look for self-assurance, comfort, and direction? Some seek academic excellence or sports popularity. Others seek release or comfort through drugs, social connections (personal or Internet), or even suicide. Where should you be looking?
Author Martha A. Harpers Does He Hear? (Life Devotions for Youth from Psalm 139) provides guidance and insight into the creator who hears your cries of concern. The devotions ask personal questions that involve honesty, respect, and obedience. Drawing from the Bible, these devotions respond to questions about difficulties you face every day. They encourage you to reach out to the scripture and trust God. He is the one with the answers and is listening, waiting for you to approach him.

Does He Hear? enlightens you of Gods love, encourages you to see him in your daily life, and challenges you to reach into a deeper personal relationship with him.

Marthas heart to encourage youth in their walk with the Lord is evidenced in Does He Hear? I pray God will use this book to bring young people to faith, nurturing those who know him already.

Pam Rosner, Home schooled six years, teaching in public school twenty-two years

The questions are very thought-provoking for youth. The interactive sections continue the focus on the readers, encouraging them to seek Gods direction. As adults, this book reminds us of Gods awesome love for his children.

Johnny & Patricia Paxton have nine grandchildren and are members of Glen Baptist Church