Animal Encounters
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Animal Encounters

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Agnes Bellegris
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Author Agnes Bellegris invites readers to notice the large and small creatures that surround us. They create abundance in our world and our lives. The horse, for instance, is fun to pet, but it also carries us on its back and made travel possible before cars and planes existed. The sweet lamb eats grass to stay healthy and, in turn, grows wool that warms our bodies. The graceful cow provides milk for our nourishment. Even the magpie entertains with her colourful squawk! Dogs are loyal friendsunless they see a squirrel. Then, they might go for a run, but they always come back smiling. Donkeys like being fed carrots, and if youre nice, they might even serenade you with a hee-haw. Accompanied by original artwork, every meeting described in Animal Encounters was inspired by the authors own real life experiences with these wonderful beasts and birds.